Saturday February 3rd

Session @ Halo Recording

Hi friends,

Please enjoy some video we shot a few months back at Halo Recording in Hamilton. Video by Adam F Carter and audio by Roman Marcone

Produced by Ellen Davidson

Studio Sessions

Tickets available here:


Studio Sessions

Looking forward to playing with Soulstack and Sue Foley at the end of this month.


Some YouTube stuff.

Enjoy, friends.



Studio Sessions



Studio Sessions

Thursdays and Sundays.

Here’s a quick video shot from a Thursday night in Hamilton a few months ago. Also a reminder that I’m at the Augusta House (also in Hamilton) on Sunday nights starting at 10pm

Sunday Funday

Hi Friends,

Be sure to come down to the Augusta House on Sundays and catch me and these fellas (below) playing tunes starting at 10pm. Dancing shoes required.