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Hello Earthling,

Since we last communicated I’ve updated the ‘Live’ and ‘Writing’ section of this site, do have a look. I’d also like to share an upcoming performance which will be streaming online from the Westdale Theatre in my hometown.

Details here:

Online Event. Hamilton Originals Chris Chambers

End communication,



Now this…

Hello Earthlings,

As things begin to evolve into a new version of the way they may or may not have been my public and private music appearances are beginning to increase. Please check the ‘Live’ section for any updates and feel free to reach out regarding bookings/sessions of any kind.


Hello good folks,
I’ve got a few updates given the current situation, specifically in regards to live music being prohibited in bars and restaurants upon their reopening.
Given that these venues are where I’ve made the majority of my living for many years I’ll be offering live performances for neighbourhood/backyard parties as social gathering limits are relaxed along with current online performances (public and private).

Second, the lockdown has allowed me much more time to contribute tracks to projects outside of my own, below are a few of tunes I was lucky enough to be a part of.

Finally, I’ve had a few people inquire about online lessons, so let’s add that to the pile.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media.

Isolation Blues

Hello again fellow isolators,

I write to you from a location most known for it’s remoteness in the hopes it will encourage a return to normality(relatively speaking), until then I’d like to let everyone know I’ll be doing another live performance from my living room this Tuesday night at 7pm. 

To those who tuned in and/or donated last week, I thank you again as your contributions have sustained keeping the lights on, which is one of many pieces of modern technology easily taken for granted, much like the 3 blade razor, and of course, the 4 blade razor.

To those who choose to use the digital tip jar prior to Tuesday, feel free to include a request and I’ll do my best to get to as many as possible.

Edit: I’ve just been informed of the existence of a 5 blade razor, I’m going to go lay down, see you Tuesday, friends.


Hi folks,

Here’s a link to a new instrumental of mine. There’s some explicit content in case you’re sensitive to that kind of thing.


New music

Hi friends,

Here’s a new song I wrote, available for purchase and streaming.

Crowded House cover

Hi friends,

I’ve just posted a quick recording I made of one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite songwriters. You can listen to it here

Be well,




Thanks to Y108 in Hamilton for playing some of my music every day all week long at 7pm. Tune in!

(Shelley Stevens) This week on the #NewMusicShowcase we’re bringing you our first SOLO artist, Chris ChambersHe’s got…

Posted by Y108 Rocks! on Monday, July 29, 2019


The Michael A.M. Radio show

Mike Myszkowski had me on his podcast a few weeks ago, you can listen to it here!

Guest DJ on 93.3 CFMU

Hi folks,

Last week I guested on Alysha Main’s radio show where we discussed music and she played some stuff from my catalogue along with an interesting cross-section of music I love listening to, if you’d like to hear the conversation and the music you can check it out here: