New photos from Carey Langsner

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New photos from Bob Hatcher.






Rock on, gang!

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Still going…

Thanks for a busy and fun summer, gang! Here’s a few shots from Ribfest today – more to come.




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Ribbed for your pleasure

StageplotHey gang, mark your calendar’s as I’ll be back in Burlington for ‘Canada’s Largest Ribfest’ this Labour Day.

Details at their website:


Be well,


Look it’s me…on the TV

A few weeks ago I got to shoot a TV thing with some friends of mine. You can check out here. (Oscar buzz)


Free download

      Never Say What You Mean - Chris Chambers

Rest of the album here.

      Never Say What You Mean - Chris Chambers


Burlington Post

Thanks to Kathryn Dunmore for the write up in yesterday’s Burlington Post.1486783_631924410199390_1859029388_n

Hello…is it me you’re looking for?

Hey there,

For whatever reason you’re reading this I appreciate it. Just a reminder that my live dates are updated daily on my Facebook music page. Often times I won’t have the time to post every gig that comes up last minute on this site and therefore I’ll post them there along with whatever song I’m listening to or happen to be thinking about listening to – not to mention some neato photos and other things that interest me that may also interest you. Then again, they may not. At any rate consider yourself notified.


On iTunes…again

Re-released my last record on iTunes with some new tracks. That is all for now. More to come soon.