Come closer.

Howdy gang!
There are plenty of ways to get closer when I’m not playing music in your face, don’t be a stranger. Thanks for a busy summer!








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Surf’s Up!

Hey Gang,
Summer has been as crazy as always but I maintain my sanity with my pals every single Sunday at Gallagher’s – here’s a peek as to what goes on!

Be well,

I Love L.A.

Fellow Mutants,

Here is an article I wrote for La Carte Magazine about the Baked Potato in LA. Hope you are all fully functioning.


The Baked Potato


Blues & Roots Revue


Canadian Musician Magazine

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Little Wank…er

Art, Music and T-shirts!

Hello my friends,

I’m beginning to sell my art prints, t-shirts and music through my website and I’ve started an Instagram account to promote and display some of the designs. You can follow me here:


Keep it greasy,


NAMM 2015 and other non-such

Happy New Year fellow mutants!

I’ve updated this month’s live itinerary and have been working hard on getting some t-shirts made which you’ll be able to purchase soon. They’re either exactly what you’re expecting or the exact opposite – in either case your purchase keeps me fed and I appreciate it. Music on the way as well and hopefully some live video from our cosy new house gig at Gallagher’s in Hamilton. Don’t be a stranger!

In other news, I’ll be attending the 2015 NAMM show in Anaheim California. If you’re going to be attending by all means drop me a line through the site and let’s see about hooking up while in town. Think that about covers it.

Be well.


Levy’s Strap Contest

Hey gang,

If you’ve got a second please check out my entry into the Levy’s Contest – ¬†clicking ‘like’ on my photos could land me in an issue of Guitar World Magazine.

New photos from Carey Langsner

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