New Music

Hello friends,

Today I’m releasing a new song in a very unoriginal and antiquated way than you’re probably used to in recent years. Some of you may be thinking “Neat!” while others are thinking the exact opposite, in which case you should probably ask yourself why you’re reading this in the first place.

Regardless of your opinion on me or what I do I’ve decided to make the song available for download from my website for the low price of absolutely free to you, your friends, family and your dog.

At this point you may be yelling something like “THAT IS THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER! HAS THE WHOLE WORLD GONE MAD?!” and you would of course be very right, alas, there is more to the story.

What if I told you that I’m willing to give you an opportunity to be a part of the music creation process? Some of you might again be saying “Neat!” while a larger constituency will have already left long ago.

The way it works is you can contribute by donating whatever amount of money you choose using the PayPal and/or e-transfer information found above and below, a ‘pay what you can’ scenario. There are those who may choose a large amount, others far less, and again some of you will contribute nothing at all, you can still have the song for that non-price.

Here is the link to own the physical file forever or until your computer and/or device spontaneously combusts:

If you’re wondering why I’ve decided to do this, foremost is because I want those interested to enjoy my music. Second, like any other job I also like being paid for my work. Showbiz, baby!

If you decide to pay for the song, your money belongs to me, however you now own something I spent both time and older money on, and who’s to say the new money I receive won’t go toward future music? Whether that means recording equipment, new guitar strings, or maybe just paying my electricity bill so I don’t have to work in the dark all the time.

There’s also a (very good)chance that I’ll blow it on champagne and reefer, the point is, once the transaction has been completed I call the shots moving forward.

For those of you who find this entire process foreign, complex and scary I will also be releasing to streaming services on May 2nd but would like the opportunity to know how it feels to give music away for free on my own accord.

Spotify will be just fine without me for a few days.

Three cheers for commerce!

P.S. you can probably write it off on your taxes if you’re really clever.


If you’ve made it this far you can pre-save here:

Photo by Haydn Sterne